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Exercises to lose weight in peritoneal dialysis

Although the trend is on dialysis be under optimal weight, peritoneal mode is easier to take some weight, mainly due to the extra intake of calories they bring their own bags for dialysis glucose solution , and also because, we quite simply the kind of exercises to be performed, to avoid increasing the pressure in the abdominal area and hernias may appear. Since we assume that we are taking care of food under proper renal diet , we will base our weight loss on two pillars: removal / replacement of sugar and low-impact exercises , but always inquire first with your doctor.

The first point , depending on the consumption of each should be slightly traumatic. The substitute sugar with sweeteners like stevia is something that is quite possible that you come by . To me supposed me more difficulty replacing carbonated soda water . Note that even the "zero " , despite not having hardly any calories , soft drinks have high levels of phosphorus, and ultimately , the water always helps our kidneys. My trick, I drink a lot of cola , was to buy a bottle of  glass and drink from there instead of the tap. It seems silly , but the feeling is different, and when glass gets no flavor and do not have to get up three times in the food to the tap.
Regarding exercise, this will have two functions: not only will be the main driver of weight loss , but we will help you get good muscle tone to make us look better and better withstand the problems of carrying a belly loaded with the extra weight of the liquid. Me for example , the loss of the abdominal muscles and lower back have led me to have frequent backaches because, unintentionally , the extra weight makes you take bad postural habits. This has been tried by me pilates exercises and electrodes , as it was a very delicate area to treat the increased pressure in the abdominal wall . This made me think and refer this article from the low-impact exercise suitable for people on peritoneal dialysis as I can do to tone up and lose weight :

Ø Swimming: we already know that exercise is a very complete , especially for the back, but unless you live near the sea or have a private pool, can pose a problem for the peritoneal catheter. Me, I use the gym pool , solvent this problem using colostomy bags to protect the hole , but even so , they tended to come off when swimming , so I had to complete the invention with a short neoprene pouch that holds perfectly and this then prevents water resistance, thus preventing it from taking off. About to perform exercises , are now very fashionable things like aqua -fitness or aqua- zumba , which are quite effective , but if we want to be more traditional , here I leave a track aerobic exercise plan designed to burn fat and loss weight : Training

Ø Walking / Running : Walking is the simplest and effective exercise to start losing weight. A walk at a good pace for 30 minutes daily guarantees a good shape, but sometimes it falls a bit short . Logically burning more fat running , but you can not take to the streets and get to run, mostly because if you wear while doing sport it would be normal aguantarais two minutes and you desanimarais . In foroatletismo pose a planning to start running when overweight is pretty good : here . The aim is that in 15 weeks we mean continuous running time ( about 5 km) , and is very well led adaptation for anyone to carry it out without losing heart , which is the most important.

Ø Yoga and Pilates : These techniques , although they do not usually have much acceptance among the male audience , are designed to shape the body with low impact exercises . One must understand the difference between putting the hard stomach and increase the pressure of the abdominal cavity with a drill. Both yoga and pilates we put the taut stomach muscles to exercise , but do not increase the internal pressure , such as doing sit-ups would do . This causes us to exercise precisely parties have difficult exercise , and also learn to control and take our breaths. I guess the Tai -chi work in a similar way , but there can not give my opinion because I have not tried . Both Yoga and Pilates are widespread , and they you should not have trouble finding classes. If not, you can always resort to perform some of the tables for weight loss that you can find on the internet, like this.

Ø Calisthenics : These are the exercises without machines , and can actually be effective for weight loss . Exercises are very low impact on joints , based on flexibility and strength to gain muscle mass and increase fat burning . Exercises like squats, pushups, skip a rope repeatedly , etc. . are part of this technique. Obviously , we should just avoid exercises that lead directly pressing on the abdomen , unless we have agreed with our doctor them on an empty abdomen. The Tabata method is a good example that bring us from revolutionary fitness using simple calisthenics .

Ø Bicycle: bicycle , in a health level , are all advantages. It is a low impact exercise for the back, very full, we can perform on the outside or inside with an exercise bike, and that except in spinning classes , where the position and rhythms tend to force it, does not increase the internal abdominal pressure . An hour leisurely bike over 450 calories lost , and more pace more loss. In addition to other benefits , such as reducing the risk of high blood pressure, improve circulation to the extremities, enhancement of the lumbar musculature prevents backaches, etc. 

Ø Other appliances and fitness equipment : Here we rely on a principle: increase muscle mass (which weighs more than fat ) to increase the burning of calories. According to this principle , which is to enhance our muscles look , so short term is easier to see an increase in weight loss . Do not become discouraged . The elliptical , rowing ( with great eye for the abdomen) or the stepper will provide the part of cardio while muscle enhancement progressively make your muscles look more defined and caloric intake is greater. Revolutionary Fitness brings a good article on which to base our training.

In short, before any of these exercises to pose speak with your doctor and follow his recommendations. Sometimes I allow vaciaros abdomen exercise , which greatly simplifies things , but if not watch much pressure you exercise . Believe me you do not want to end up with a hernia. Ideally, seek your own combination from the previous years , a measure of your tastes and possibilities : some prefer pool and gym and who prefers to run and do calisthenics at home. The important thing is your health, and that's the goal on you to do all this work.
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